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The Department of Laboratory and Transfusion Medicine at QRG Super Speciality Hospital offers comprehensive diagnostic services and safe blood transfusion procedures. We perform routine tests as well as super specialty pathology through the analysis of tissue, blood and body fluid samples. The Transfusion Medicine department provides specialized methods of transfusion using the safest possible blood components.

We recognize the importance of accurate diagnosis as the vital first step towards preventing or curing any ailments.

Excellence in Laboratory and Transfusion Medicine at QRG Super Speciality Hospital

QRG Super Speciality Hospital integrates state of the art technology and skill to provide laboratory diagnostic services to all our specialty institutes. Our laboratory is fully automated to carry out all types of investigations from routine to high end diagnostic tests including Nueropathology, Nephropathology, Oncopathology, Haematopathology, Transplant Pathology and Specialized Microbiology. Reports are available online for the convenience of our patients.

Specialists from the Transfusion Medicine field deal with all aspects of blood banking and transfusion. We undertake highly specialized procedures such as apheresis and component separation. The Blood Bank ensures compliances with ‘Drugs and Cosmetics Act’ and utilise latest modalities for blood collection and transfusion.