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The Department ofPlastic and Reconstructive Surgery at QRG Super Speciality Hospital brings together a team of first-rate plastic surgeons to offer a range of reconstructive and cosmetic surgery options.

Reconstructive surgery is focused on correcting deformities, resulting from burn injury, traumatic injuries or congenital abnormalities. A range of cosmetic surgeries are available for aesthetic improvements as well. As part of our multi-disciplinary approach, the plastic surgeons work closely with physicians from other specialties in order to provide the best treatment options for our patients.

With a focus on excellence in clinical care and cutting edge research, the Department Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery provides a host of corrective treatments for deformities of the nose and face as well as for hair loss, gynecomastia, obesity etc.

Our world class reconstructive surgery program aims at reconstruction of body parts damaged by burns, injury or disease. In addition, we offer various cosmetic procedures such as face lifts, breast augmentation, tummy tuck surgery, liposuction, arm lifts, body lifts, rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery etc.

The skill of our surgical team is coupled with next generation technology and equipment enabling us to treat our patients with the highest standards of safety and precision with effective results.