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Visa Assistance

Each country has its own visa and custom regulations. It is the responsibility of the patient and their family members to adhere to the protocols.
After the confirmation of the patients’ arrival and verification of medical reports, a medical invitation would be sent by the hospital which would help the patient to acquire a medical visa from the country of residence. The hospital would mention the duration of stay so that visit can be planned accordingly.

Documents Required

  • Medical Records : X-Rays, MRI’s, health histories, photographs, immunization records, prescriptions, and any other health records relevant to the surgery. Remember to carry any relevant medicines prescribed earlier
  • Passport and visa : A valid passport and medical visa for yourself and your travel companion
  • Cards : Credit cards, debit cards and travellers checks. Always advisable to carry local currency
  • Identity Proof : A valid proof of identity
  • Vaccinations : Relevant vaccinations and certificates at the time of arrival in India